Spiritual Leadership, Part VI: Next Steps

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Next Steps

In the end, then, we see the various realms of what it is to extend our spiritual leadership, beginning with the recognition that we must not impose a single vision of the “right saint” or the “right spiritual gift” on everyone. We start with ourselves, addressing the clearest examples of our weakness and seeking to bring our own lives under some kind of clear spiritual leadership. We move from there to our families and the intimate web of connections that require us to adjust constantly to the needs therein in order that our wives and our children remain firm in the Christian life. Then on to the parish, and the establishment of trust as the basis for spiritual leadership. Finally, we reach the broader community, that our spiritual leadership bring forth fruit in abundance.

What next? I think it worthwhile for each of us to spend at least a day in prayer and quiet reflection, identifying one goal in each sphere of leadership to undertake over the coming year. Write them down. Give them measurable goals. Record the steps you will take to accomplish it. Then take that list into some time of prayer, and begin that holy work. I pray that God will bless the ministry of each of my brethren here today. Thank you.

This concludes this series of posts.