Links: 5/10/2011

Starting today, I’ll post links to other sites from time to time, with minimal commentary.

There’s just one today: “Interview with a Paid Troll” [Warning: posts occasionally have PG-13 language, with comments frequently rated R. Skip the comments.] This article seems oddly apropos right now.

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  1. Matushka Jan Koczak:

    Rather illuminating article, Fr. Basil. Unfortunately, today the manipulation of media and the message is so prevalent and “normative,” although as a Christian, I cannot accept such behavior as normal. It is nothing but fallen – action of those who love the darkness other than the light. I am still horrified by the photo on one “Orthodox” blog showing a bishop in an orange jumpsuit, mitre on his head. All the words related to this post are as dark and inflammatory and disrespectful as the photo.

    When will they turn from their ways?

    I hope, for Christ is Risen!