Leadership is not Anonymous

This site has an important policy for those who want to participate actively in the discussion: full names are required. Yes, you should be able to be identified when you post here. No, this is not a universal blogging practice. So why do I insist?

Quite simply, it’s required because we need to move forward, to make things better here in the Church in North America.  Postings made in the spirit of this site can be quite critical (even harsh) but may not descend into ad hominem attacks, gossip, or libel. The use of real full names is intended to foster a profitable discussion, built upon Christians entering into thoughtful, responsible dialogue. Full, real names encourage that. I don’t think anyone is at serious risk of retribution for participating here under those terms.

If there is a serious risk, then contributors can use the contact form to communicate with me privately (and confidentially). Of course, one could also choose to be a confessor—taking a principled public stand in the face of possible punishment. There’s plenty of Christian precedent for that.

So, if you submit a public comment to this site, kindly use your real name.

2 comments on this post.
  1. Fr. Oliver Herbel:

    Glad to see this, father!

  2. Fr. James Early:

    Great blog, Fr. Basil, and much needed. Wish I had known about it sooner! I look forward to reading and to participating in the discussions.